“What special memories I will have for the rest of my life of my time alone with my first born daughter in Paris. Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work putting this magical trip together. Not surprisingly, everyone I met just gushed about how wonderful you are. The only part missing on this adventure was that you were not in Paris to share a bottle of champagne with us. Next time, I hope.” With love and appreciation. - Kathy H. California
"There will never be enough words to express our thanks, love and appreciation to all of you. Thank you for making this Big World our Beautiful Adventure. All our love.- Sue, Mckenna, Becca, Josh and Emma. Texas After their 365 day around the world trip.
"Destinations & Adventures pays a lot of attention to detail and picks excellent guides. They have very good connections." – Ruth Pennycook Chairman, Santa Fe Council on International Relations
"What Destinations & Adventures brings to the industry is something that really is missing in many large companies today – a hands-on creative approach." - David Morris President, David Morris International
"The team at Destinations & Adventures is the greatest I've ever met. They are so bright and creative, their knowledge is extraordinary." - Sue Turner President, Vacation Boutique
"Destinations & Adventures opened doors for us that would be closed to others, giving us a very special tour." - Butch Philipsborn President, International House of Travel

Our Personalized Trip to Japan!

Arlene Santos and her team at DAI Travel in Nashville, TN, planned and flawlessly delivered a 2-week trip to Japan for my family and me in April, 2016. We gave Arlene a few ideas on which cities we wanted to visit and the kind of things we liked to do and she put together a terrific bespoke set of accommodations, activities, and in-country travel arrangements that moved us masterfully from one friendly, knowledgeable English-speaking guide to another across 4 cities – Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone, & Takayama -all with the stunning beauty of Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms as the backdrop.

Highlights included a private sushi-making class in Tokyo, sake tasting in Kyoto, and an unforgettable stay at a ryoken in Hakone. The success of this first encounter with Arlene has ensured that we will absolutely turn to her for our future travel planning needs.

The Gray Family


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