Sun City couple answers the ‘whispers’ of Africa

Marti Skarupa is a repeat traveler with Destinations & Adventures. We were pleased to have designed and operated the exclusive safari for her. By MARTI SKARUPA Africa had long whispered to me. Sometimes, the whispers were barely audible. Sometimes they came in the midst of another thought. But they were always there, teasing me. “Come,” they said. “See my sunrises and sunsets. Listen to the roar of the wild and the thunder of my ancient […]

Our Personalized Trip to Japan!

Arlene Santos and her team at DAI Travel in Nashville, TN, planned and flawlessly delivered a 2-week trip to Japan for my family and me in April, 2016. We gave Arlene a few ideas on which cities we wanted to visit and the kind of things we liked to do and she put together a terrific bespoke set of accommodations, activities, and in-country travel arrangements that moved us masterfully from one friendly, knowledgeable English-speaking guide […]