Welcome to the New Year blog by Jim Berkeley, president of Destinations & Adventures.

In late July 2011, I took a fascinating trip to visit the “New Egypt.” I met with all of my current business associates and friends from when I lived in Cairo. They are a wonderful melange of ex-pats, Muslims and Coptic Christians. To a person, everyone is so proud of what has been accomplished – in spite of the hiccups. Everyone knows there have been sacrifices, but there is a real sense of hopeful anticipation […]


Destinations & Adventures’ president Jim Berkeley just returned from a two-week+ journey to Egypt with several fancy journalists from New York. WHAT, you say? WHY would they want to travel to Egypt now? Fact of the matter is that Egypt is on the re-bound…and these journalists know it! Jim took them deep into the Western Desert, camping under the stars in Farafra’s magical White Desert, to Bahariya Oasis to visit the Valley of the Golden […]